Tenants Guide

Tenants Guide

The following is a guide to Tenants of all monies and charges payable prior to a Tenancy commencing. Tenants will be informed in advance of any changes to these charges for specific tenancies.

  • One month's rent (calculate your monthly rent by multiplying the weekly rent x 52 weeks and dividing it by 12 months or use our calculator).
  • Deposit - One month's rent or 6 week deposit subject to the landlord.

On signing the Tenancy Agreement full payment of all monies due must be paid in cleared funds i.e. banker's draft, cash or building society cheque. Personal cheques will not be accepted.

Humphrey & Co Estates are members of the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPC) which is administered by The Dispute Service. All deposits held by Humphrey & Co Estates will be registered with the scheme and handled according to their specified terms. Where the tenants deposits are not being held by Humphrey & Co Estates the tenants will be advised of the appropriate scheme with whom the Landlord has opted to register the deposit. Rent must be paid monthly in advance by standing order.

Tenants are responsible for payment of all utilities i.e. Gas, Electricity, Council Tax, Water Rates, Telephone connections and Television License. Tenants should take out suitable liability insurance for the duration of the tenancy.

Council Responsibilities

The council is responsible for all council services and duties, which include Social Services, housing, education and planning. If you've a specific question for this council, please visit their website to get contact details for key departments.

Council Tax Rates:

Council Tax is worked out by your local council who sets the Council Tax rates for each year. Your property postcode will determine which council you will need to pay. Council tax rates for each Local Authority.

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